Your inner fish - Evolutionary perspective on anatomical function, biomechanics and design of the body

11-13 December 2020

Basel, Switzerland

Antoine Ragot

"Your Inner Fish"
Evolutionary perspective on anatomical function, biomechanics and design of the body

365 millions years ago, a brave fish tried for the first time to hang out on land… And then what?
The evolutionary perspective helps us track morphological function and critical mechanisms involved in locomotoric patterns and thus sheds a fascinating light on our pursuit of investigating the contemporary human moving body. 
The analysis, exploration and fine adjustment of efficient locomotion in the 3 dimensional world and infinite possibilities of level change, will be an essential aspect of this week end.
This workshop aims to support the development of quotidian and athletic skills and is thought as a playful navigation between the modern world and our ancient heritage.

Antoine Ragot
Antoine was born in Poitiers, France and is now based in Berlin. Being an athlete throughout his first 20 years of life, his interest in the body manifested in two years of medical school which led to the university of sport sciences of which he graduated with a Bachelor degree specializing in education and motor skills. He then became involved in dance and different contact improvisation communities throughout France which brought him closer to unify his interests for the body, movement and performance. Today Antoine brings many years of teaching contact improvisation, sports and early motor development to his fastidious bent for research and sharing of the Axis Syllabus. Antoine is known for his enthusiasm and infecting others with the movement-research-geek-syndrome. Currently, his research is oriented towards paleoanthropology and functional morphology as well as the refinement and development of athletic skills via a friction between the Axis Syllabus research and problem-solving situations.

Location: TanzRaum im Warteck, Burgweg 15, 4058 Basel

Schedule: Friday 18.00 – 20.30 / Sa & Su 10.00 – 16.00 (with one hour lunch break)

Price: Swiss francs / Euro
Regular workshop price: 220 / 200
Early Bird – until one month before: 200 / 185
Core-group price – if 4 or 5 of the workshops are booked: 180 / 165
Optional reduction for people not living in switzerland: -20 / -18

Housing: To make it possible for people arriving from further away to participate, there's the possibility to organise housing for 10-20 per night for a limited number or people.

The cycle is a whole which means that the people who participate in 4 or 5 of the weekends belong to the core-group that will have a priority in registration.