Your inner fish - Workshop // Cycle Basel 2020

24-26 April 2020

Basel, Switzerland

Antoine Ragot

Evolutionary perspective on anatomical function, biomechanics and design of the body
365 millions years ago, a brave fish tried for the first time to hang out on land… And then what?
The evolutionary perspective helps us track morphological function and critical mechanisms
involved in locomotoric patterns and thus sheds a fascinating light on our pursuit of investigating
the contemporary human moving body.
The analysis, exploration and fine adjustment of efficient locomotion in the 3 dimensional world andinfinite possibilities of level change, will be an essential aspect of this week end.

This workshop aims to support the development of quotidian and athletic skills and is thought as a playful navigation between the modern world and our ancient heritage.

Schedule Friday 18.00 – 20.30  Sa & So 10.00 – 16.00 Uhr (with one hour lunchbreak in between) Single Workshop Price: 220 CHF (registration until december 21) / 240 CHF (after) Reduced Prices for people coming from outside of switzerland This workshop is part of the Axis Syllabus Cycle 2020 in Basel. Everyone who participates in 4 of the 5 workshops pays: 180 CHF (Registration until december 21) / 200 CHF (After)

Check the full schedule: 

February 21/22/23 Diana Thielen "Resilience in adaptation"

April 24/25/26 Antoine Ragot „Your inner fish“

May 22/23/24 Baris Mihci "Movement mutations"

October 9/10/11 Frey Faust "Triangulation, natural genius"

November 13/14/15 Francesca Pedulla "Enquiring under the forms" 

Please find the full workshop description and biography in a separate event page.