Triangulation... - Workshop Cycle // Basel 2020

9-11 October 2020

Basel, Switzerland

Frey Faust

Triangulation, natural genius

Nature's habit of using triangulated collagen fibers as the foundational building block for molecularconstruction is reflected in the macro-structures of the human body as well. Everywherewe look we see asymmetrical, torsional triangles, and the movements our joints and ligamentssuggest are extensions of the paradigm. This observation provides the strongest argument for poly-axial motion as the basic diet for the training and preparation of anyone who plans to move.
In this session, I will share perception and observation of this geometrical phenomenon in some
anatomical structures, using anatomical images as my reference, and lead you in some
directapplications of the observations for joyful moving.

The cycle is a whole which means that the people who participate in 4 or 5 of the weekends belong to the core-group that will have a priority in registration.

February 21/22/23 Diana Thielen "Resilience in adaptation "

April 24/25/26 Antoine Ragot „Your inner fish“

May 22/23/24 Baris Mihci "Movement mutations"

October 9/10/11 Frey Faust "Triangulation, natural genius"

November 13/14/15 Francesca Pedulla "Enquiring under the forms"

Please find the full workshop description and biography in a separate event page.