TRACES - AS in Benin - Interweaving wisdom

31 January-16 February 2020

Ouidah, Benin

Francesca Pedulla , Frey Faust , Baris Mihci , Sara Parisi ,


Interweaving Wisdom

Ouidah: From January 30 to February 16 2020

Directed by: SONAGNON Cultural Association (Benin)

In collaboration with:

The International Research Network Axis Syllabus

Posidonia Green Project

With the support of:

the Ouidah City Council

the Collectif des Acteurs Culturels de Ouidah (CACO)

Artistic and educational direction: 

Eric ACAKPO and Francesca PEDULLÀ

Assistante with artistic and educational direction: Sara PARISI

Coordination: Barbara KPOMALEGNI, Edoardo BRODASCA, Baris MIHCI

Teachers: Eric ACAKPO, Francesca PEDULLÀ, FAUST Frey, Baris MIHCI, Sara PARISI, and invited dancers

Musicians: Eric ACAKPO, Aliou GUESSERE and invited musicians

Photographer: Barbara CALI

Info and registration:


Initiated in 2012, TRACES is a multidisciplinary study in dance, music and choreographic creation structured by several modules. Originally addressing Beninese artists, TRACES focuses on the transmission of the knowledge collected in the Axis Syllabus for the analysis and re-elaboration of the traditional dances of Benin.

Since 2017 TRACES has woven an ever stronger link between the Axis Syllabus International Research Network and Benin's  and Togo’s traditional and contemporary dance circles, by periodically organizing a residence in the historic city of Ouidah that is open to international experts and participants.

Ouidah, which is the cradle of the Vodoun culture and center of the transatlantic slave trade, is an important crossroads of the meeting of several cultures. Inspired by this history, TRACES offers a context of open research on dialogue and artistic exchange. Our intention is to transmit movement and choreographic skill and share experience without imposing an aesthetic style. 

By inviting participants from all over the world, TRACES aspires to confront them with different culturally articulated ways of organizing or accessing knowledge.

Our main objectives are:

Provide inter-disciplinary tools, structure them to stimulate individual creativity

Make the cultural treasures of Beninese accessible by sharing them with a respectful approach using the tools offered by the Axis Syllabus.

To test the impact that the encounter between different forms of art and different cultures can have on each of us.

Reassured by the experiences of the past years, TRACES 2020 will host a new residence by expanding its activities on other dimensions such as: Carnival, photo exhibitions of past editions, the creation of a show to be presented at the end of the training ... all this open to the public for active involvement in the historic city, Ouidah.

We are convinced that each individual, each culture in its own specificity, contributes to enriching a "universal" CULTURE


Arrival Date: Thursday 30th or Friday 31st of January

Departure Date: Sunday 16th or Monday 17th of February 

The Classes will happen in different venues in Ouidah / Some in an open air space on sand

Meals will be served from the evening of Friday 31st to Sunday 16th noon at the Oriki Bar, Quartier Zomai . Lunch at 13.30 / dinner at 20.30

Friday 31st 

16.00  Welcoming and orientation circle

Saturday 1st 

from 9.00 to 13.00 Opening - Carnival in the street of Ouidah

14.00 Lunch

17.00  Field Research visit in Ouidah

Sunday the 2nd

13.00 Lunch

17.00 to 20.00  Class

From Monday 3rd to Friday 7th

9.00 to 13.00  and 17.00 to 20.00 Class with alternating teachers 

Saturday 8th   

9.00 to 19.00 Field Research visit in a closer village

Sunday 9th FREE

From Monday 10th to Friday 14th

9.00 to 13.00 Class with alternating teachers

17.00 to 20.00 Creative Lab

Saturday 15th 

9.00 to 13.00 Field Research visit in Ouidah

18.00 to 21.00  Leaving Traces Performative evening

Sunday 16th

10.00 to 17.00 field visit in Ouidah