Touch Membranes

20-21 July 2019

Vienna, Austria

Kira Kirsch

TOUCH MEMBRANES (weekend intensive intermediate)

“Ethicality entails hospitality to the stranger threaded through oneself and through all being and non/being.” – Karan Barad, physicist and scholar of the philosophy of science and feminisim.

“Touch can suspend boundaries and binaries between self and other, forming an act of self-creation of empathetic social unity: “through touch, the toucher and the touched become a new ensemble… a new entity.” (Ginsberg qtd. in Kampe)

The body is one’s personal harbour of sensation.  Energetic layers, skin or fascial membranes, enveloping and weaving through the body,  are sensitive and malleable interfaces with the worlds outside of ourselves and the worlds within. Via different stimuli it helps us understand with evermore refinement our relationships between our own body and to all other life and objects that we entangle with and at the same time differentiate from. We will use touch and sensing to communicate and extend our understanding of our own anatomies to the environment and of another. We will build presence and skill for a response–able touch that provides opportunities for the organism to respond with agency.  Anatomies and principles of the Axis Syllabus* will be referenced in guided explorations and lead into dances that touch upon multiple dimensions.

*The Axis Syllabus is a constantly evolving reference system, or lexicon for the organization and cross-correlation of empirical and scientific findings from the study of human movement. This includes anatomical details, physics, practical applications, research, analysis and transmission. An Axis Syllabus class aims to create a collaborative learning environment and effective space for personal research.