TISSUE TALK - fascial communication

28 July-29 April 2018

Vienna, Austria

Kira Kirsch




*fascial communication*

“Lets talk about cuts.”

“Differences are made not found.”

"Ethicality entails hospitality to the stranger threaded through oneself
and through all being and non/being."

-Karan Barad, physicist and scholar of the philosophy of science and

In this intensive we will get in touch with fascia and soft tissue and how
it entangles and communicates within itself and further how it effects our
attention, sensations and movement. The fascial system envelopes,
permeates, layers and constitutes the body in whirling spirals, intricate
interlacings and chaotic networks. One entry will be my research with
tracing and tracking selected myofascial meridians (Anatomy Trains) to try
on different anatomies to move with and be moved by. We will dance and
sense into the multitudes of fascia, its different states, forms, textures
and tonalities as well as take this specific lense to look at functional
movement, communication through touch and feeling dancing.

Expect hands-on intra-action, theorizing in movement and feeling dancing.