The breathing body

6-7 October 2018

Graz, Austria

Lisbeth Bitto

The Breathing Body - Workshop through the lens of Axis Syllabus

In this weekend workshop I invite you to a somatic exploration of the breathing body. In theory and practice we explore our respiratory organs as well as their intimate relationship to the thorax, the spine and the attached muscular and fascial structure. We experiment with positions, combinations and patterns that support our breath and its natural rhythm, and experience how it relates to the body. In this research ideas and approaches of the Axis Syllabus can help to develop a better understanding of ones own resources and opportunities and to establish a new coordination.

In discussions and exercises, we explore different theories of breathing, awaken our awareness of our own habits, and observe how the breath changes in dynamic and silent movements, in jumping and rolling, in ground work and improvisation, in watching ourselves and others from moment to moment.

This workshop is open to all movement-loving people, with and without dance experience.

Sa 6.10.2018 10 - 15:30
Su 7.10.2018 10 - 15:30

Das Andere Theater
Orpheumgasse 11, 8020 Graz

85 € until 18.9. // 100 € after the 18.09