Surfying the rhythm

30 May-2 June 2018

Marseille, France

Francesca Pedulla , Sara Parisi ,

Surfing the rhythm

an AXIS SYLLABUS INTENSIVE with Francesca Pedullà and Sara Parisi

The workshop arises from a long-term research on West Africa and Hip Hop culture and dance.

In both those cultures music has a crucial role, suggesting accent, quality, muscular tone, acceleration /deceleration, delay and expressive articulation.

During the workshop we will use the anatomical and bio-mechanical tools offered by the Axis Syllabus as well as some basic rhythmical principles to find strategies to negotiate between our own inner rhythm and collective shared rhythms.

We will work with both theoretical and practical stimuli, do and observe individual and group improvisations, and of course we will dance together!

The workshop is open to dancers, musicians, actors, and to everybody who wants to explore a deep dialogue  with the groove…..


Francesca and Sara have a long-term habit of immersing themselves in various cultural environments and social contexts that differ from their own origins. Through the practice of perceiving and allowing for differing views and adapting to other customs and social codes, they see negotiation as the most effective, relevant communication strategy. The complex and sensitive architecture of the body, moving in relationship with space, time and other bodies, simultaneously represents the field of social investigation and the archive of information to draw from for this investigation.