Space Symphony - Spatial compositions between, within and around the moving body.

5-9 August 2019

Tampere, Finland

Ayelet Yekutiel

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In this workshop I would like to offer lenses, maps and games through which we could look at and tangibly explorer how we perceive, conceptualise, experience, design and inhabit - space.
Utilising tools from the Axis Syllabus, we will play with movement as it manifests in the 3D- cartesian grid, and the 4D - space&time continuum, descriptions of space. Stimulate our proprioceptive system- that informs us of the spatial organizations within our body and in relation to our surrounding. Move between different spheres of activity, while considering the spatial composition of our joints, visit the embryological process - in its connection to our embodiment of space through the approach of BMC®, and leave space to wonder and dance.