SCIE FESTIVAL - Body <> Movement Arts <> Sciences

31 October-4 November 2018

Bologna, Italy

Antoine Ragot , Francesca Pedulla , Sara Parisi , Frey Faust ,


Body <> Movement  Arts <> Sciences

Acknowledge dance as a tool for inquiry about body and its landscape, Scie facilitates a
meeting space for arts, sciences and cultures.
Wishing for an integration between theoretical and practical research, for the circulation of knowledge and practices without constraints of form and gender, Scie weaves on its program, dance training events,
performances, meetings and round tables.

Scie Festival

is curated by Nuvola Vandini | Architetture di Corpi 

in collaboration with Francesca Pedullà, the Axis Syllabus International Research Network, AlmaDanza and La Soffitta.