Resilience in Adaptation

8-9 June 2019

Basel, Switzerland

Diana Thielen

Resilience in adaptation

The “tensegrity principle” (tension and integrity), originally developed in architecture, has many applications in contemporary dance and contact improvisation and other diverse movement disciplines.
Our body can be understood and experienced as a tensegrity structure. The fascial network provides our body with an autonomous and continuous tone. Forces acting upon the body are distributed throughout the whole system, which always reacts as a connected whole.
We will explore the nature of the structures that manifest the tensegrity principle in the human body in solo and duet exercises. We will seek stability and permeability and look for ways of applying these qualities in our own movement exploration. There will be space to explore and experiment together, so that these concepts will not remain purely intellectual but manifest in physical experience in dance.

For whom
Everyone who is keeps reflecting their own movement-or teaching/healing practice. Yoga teachers and practitioners, dance artists, manual therapists or body workers