Projects in Motion - Workshops and Retreat

30 April-6 May 2018

vancouver, Canada

Ruth Douthwright

Damarise Ste Marie

PROJECTS IN MOTION: Exploring Functional Movement as Creative Practice. 

VANCOUVER / SFU School for the Contemporary Arts: 
Open level workshop mini-series
Monday April 30 - Wednesday May 2

LASQUETI ISLAND / Leviathan Studio:
Weekend movement/nature retreat
Friday May 4 - Sunday May 6
*** arrival May 3, departure May 7 ***

Series Description:
Projects in Motion is an ongoing collaboration between Ruth Douthwright and Erin Godfrey - a platform for movement research, education and artistic practice.

Acknowledging the moving body as living landscape requires adaptation and innovation when applying movement principles. Functional movement necessitates a creative approach in practice in order to respect individual physicality and diverse training aims.

Erin and Ruth are informed by many movement modalities with a shared interest in experiential and theoretical research for functional dynamics applied to dancing, sports, yoga, fitness and everyday pedestrian practices of walking, sitting, standing etc.

Please visit the Leviathan Studio website for information and registration regarding the May 4-6 retreat:

VANCOUVER Workshops - hosted by SFU's School for the Contemporary Arts:

SFU Woodwards: School for the Contemporary Arts
149 West Hastings Street, V6B 1H4
Studio 4525 (4th floor)

Monday April 30 - Wednesday May 2
10:00 - 12:00 Ruth Douthwright (Axis Syllabus)
2:00 - 4:00 Erin Godfrey (Movement Essentials)

1 class/drop-in 20$
3 class series (pre-registered) 55$
6 class series (pre-registered) 90$

Damarise Ste Marie  
Registration is confirmed when I receive an e-transfer
If a participant cannot attend class, no refund will be issued
All drop-ins are 20$, even if they accumulate to a class series

Class Descriptions:
Axis Syllabus (Ruth Douthwright)
This practice uses spirals, undulations and looping movement cycles, applied and practiced through dance and athleticism. The objective is to propose practical methods for moving dynamically while developing coordinated movement reactions. Rather than centering on aesthetic choices, it asks the question: how can we support, move with and listen to the moving body?

Movement Essentials (Erin Godfrey)
Mostly, we practice slow movements for improving co-ordination, alignment, strength and awareness. Speed and improvisation are thoughtfully and progressively included as opportunities to work with alignment habits and reflexes. The movement patterns I teach are developed over years, are informed by my various trainings/research/teaching, and are always evolving.