MOVMENT_ACTIVISM - Stage de contact-improvisation

21-22 April 2018

Marseille, France

Diana Thielen

Creating a space where the investigation of biomechanics meets body politics

This Workshop of MOVEMENTACTIVISM  focuses on Contact Improvisation seen
through the lens of Axis Syllabus and reflection upon Gender-stereotypes, as well as we will investigate in our all understanding of "safer spaces" and the wish for consens.

As dance and movement practices often tend to center form and aesthetics, the utilization of biomechanics, physics and anatomy offers a different sort of freedom in one's own movement vocabulary and therefore enables people with a wider range of bodies and (training-)
experiences to participate. 

This exploration will accompanied by tools that seeks to situate body knowledge and the knowledge about the body. A short introduction to the discourse around “Queer theory” will question norm, normativity and embodied,performative forms of expression. Examples are :To reflect upon Gender-stereotypes, embodied gendered expressions during a CI-duet as well as the mutual exploration of consens.

The years of Diana Thielen research in the field of contemporary dance techniques, contact improvisation, yoga andperformance offer a profound point of departure for diverse moving bodies.
Sharing the time and space, rolling, crawling, turning, running and jumping, sweating together is one of her biggest passions, especially when it includes reflection upon  social norms and embodied societal behaviours.