MOVIMENTA MANGUE 2019 - art - science - human being - natural environment

9 February-17 November 2018

Mogiquiçaba/Belmonte, Brazil

Sara Parisi

2019 Bexba - Body expression Bahia - 6th edition

9-24 February

at Saovento Fazenda Criativa in Mogiquiçaba, Belmonte - Bahia Brazil

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9 - 17 February 


art - science - human been - nature  

with Sara Parisi and Loredana Manfré 

THE AXIS SYLLABUS and TRAINING DINAMICO CREATIVO interwaved their approaches for an investigation on body relationships in the natural environment of the mangroves, the roots that become metaphor of our stories. We develop a deep exploration of how the body mechanically works to gain access to the consciousness of its emotional field.

Loredana Manfré, dramatist, performer, Training Dinamicocreativo inventor: 

Sara Parisi, choreographer, dancer , pedagogue and Axis Syllabus teacher:

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18 - 24 february


with Rebecca Marta D’Andrea

Creative exploration of movement & imagination Dancing the permeable limits of the body , exploring the relationship between stillness and the movement through our dancing body engaged in a process of rediscovering and reorienting it’s archive of memories through a somatic practice, accessing a transformational place of understanding part of a wider system of coordination.

 Rebecca Marta D’Andrea, choreographer, dancer and pedagogue: 

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