MOVIMENTA MANGUE 2018 - art - science - human been - nature

19-25 February 2018

Mogiquiçaba/Belmonte, Brazil

Sara Parisi

BEXBA Body Expression Bahia 2018 

Movimenta MANGUE // Art - Science – Human being - Nature
19 - 25 February 2018, BRASIL
in Saovento Fazenda Criativa – Mogiquiçaba/Belmonte, Bahia 
with Sara Parisi and Loredana Manfré 

This project investigates body relationships in the natural environment of the mangrove, the roots that are exposed and become the metaphor of our stories. According to the Shezen concept " the Nature in Me," we develop a deep exploration of how the body works mechanically to gain access to the consciousness of its emotional and expressive function and manifestation. 
This process is geared towards artistic and scientific research and performing action.

Sara Parisi, choreographer, dancer and Axis Syllabus teacher,
Loredana Manfré, dramatist, performer and Training Dinamicocreativo inventor, 

Check Facebook event and the photo documentation of last year. search : "Movimenta MANGUE // Art - Science – Human being - Nature"

MM is one of the site specific projects and workshops which take part of BEXBA initiatives (Body Expression Bahia) created by Giampi D'Andrea and Loredana Manfrè since 2013 in southern Bahia mangrove and rain forest virgin territories, hosted by Saovento Fazenda Criativa. / 
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