Movement mutations - Workshop Cycle // Basel 2020

22-24 May 2020

Basel, Switzerland

Baris Mihci

Movement mutations - Simple is complex

The question of how to move well or improve movement is one that many of us who are curious
about movement education ask ourselves. The many ways a movement can be done seem endless. My attention when moving or watching movement is often drawn to these huge numbers of choices that exist; the amount of options and variations for example in walking, rolling, running or jumping. Which choice is more logic or just? On what basis and how can we choose?
I would like to invite you into an investigation that can help us in deepening our perspectives and
understanding about how to choose a specific coordination for a specific context. Breaking down
movement patterns or motives will serve as examples for adding options to the ones we already
have, appreciate complexity hidden inside simplicity and experience something known as something unknown.
We will also consider external aspects like space, forces or individual physical differences that play a role when we learn or integrate movement. Information from anatomy and mechanics will support us in making informed decisions.
I think that adding options and perceiving them as a multilayered universe that we understand
partially only rather than limitations or contradiction can give us wealth and richness.

The cycle is a whole which means that the people who participate in 4 or 5 of the weekends belong to the core-group that will have a priority in registration.

February 21/22/23 Diana Thielen "Resilience in adaptation "

April 24/25/26 Antoine Ragot „Your inner fish“

May 22/23/24 Baris Mihci "Movement mutations"

October 9/10/11 Frey Faust "Triangulation, natural genius"

November 13/14/15 Francesca Pedulla "Enquiring under the forms"

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