Movement Retreat Mexico

18-25 February 2018

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico

Ruth Douthwright

Join us for a week of diverse movement practices with four highly experienced and passionate teachers.

Students can choose which classes to attend, or come to them all!

Classes will range from workshops to movement on the beach, coordination classes, pilates, mobility, and different ways to work on movement and strength.

Classes be held in a variety of locations, including a beautiful yoga studio overlooking the ocean, a gorgeous beach, on paddle or surf boards, in salsa clubs, lagoons, rivers and waterfalls.

We’ll be offering excursions into nature creating  movement practices as we walk, climb, slide, jump, laugh, pull, run, crawl, hang, roll, bend and lift.

Evening programs include yoga nidra, restorative movement, partnering body work, gentle yoga, meditation and, salsa dancing!

This retreat is perfect for all levels and ages. It will offer a balance of continuing education for teachers and a restful experience for recreational movers. We are offering our knowledge and expertise, and we welcome students to take as much or as little as they see fit.

The group is staying at a hostel called One Love.

It’s a simple and very beautiful spot. Its called a hostel because of its simplicity. There is no hot water (it will be so hot outside the last thing you will be thinking about is a steamy shower) There is internet, but no TV. There is a restaurant on the premises that has some of the best food in Puerto Escondido. They will be open all day to serve us wonderful food and coffee. There is also a small community kitchen on the premises for students wishing to shop and prepare food for themselves.


The price for all the classes is $790 for the week.