movement_activism - how is the political made manifest in dance?

6-7 April 2019

Grenoble, France

Diana Thielen

The workshop of MOVEMENT_ACTIVISM creates an immersion into the body’s architecture and the democratic potential of it, and aims to respect the body in its political aspects and in its diversity. The Axis Syllabus, often described as a trans-disciplinary toolbox, gets inspired by an intersectional feminist perspective to consider our bodyminds entangled in a cultural/social context(s).

Does Contact Improvisation, as a practice, offer us an object of research, to reflect, question and reinvent social, embodied norms? Can we create a space that embraces intimate, biographical questions of body, identity, gender and sexuality?

As dance and movement practices often tend to center form and aesthetics, the utilization of biomechanics, physics and anatomy offers a different sort of freedom in one’s own movement vocabulary and therefore enables people with a wider range of bodies and (training-)experiences to participate.

How can we question norm, normativity and embodied,performative forms of expression? Examples are : How can we reflect upon Gender-stereotypes during a CI-duet? How can we include the concept of consens in a CI space?


Let’s move, think, read and dance together! What are the burning questions that may hinder you getting involved in dance and movement practices as Contact Improvisation? What longings are you carrying with you? What brings you here?

Diana will share scores and improvisation ideas that are developed by her and Kaisa Kukkonen/Finland for the work in process “Maybe I lay on your belly forever”.

For this work they investigate boundaries in subtle moments of physical contact between two bodies. The work in process includes thoughts about feminism, contact improvisation, aggression, boundaries, hedonism and care.