movement educator’s research retreat

We would like to invite movement educators from the axis syllabus network as well as from other practices, lenses or frames to come together for an extended period of sharing, researching, training, exchanging and living together in form of a 10-day research retreat at Lake Studios Berlin, June 3rd to 12th 2020.

Lake Studios offers two studios, a big indoor kitchen table, outdoor spaces & outdoor kitchen, a sauna and a nearby lake and forest. These various spaces enable parallel activities allowing for a structure sufficiently malleable to accommodate different kinds of dynamics and formats to co-exist:

—>Take part in a group research around specific themes
—>Train daily with a line-up of teachers (curated by the organising team)
—>Further your personal research pertinent to your teaching practice
—>Join a mini-workshop or talk by invited guests
—>Finish writing the article that’s sitting on your desktop since months
—>Share your group or solo research/findings/enthusiasm with your peers
—>Rest & digest or fight & fly
—>Get inspired by other projects and supported by their energy
—>Brainstorm collectively, read for the group, try out an idea with peers
—>Indoor & outdoor, Theory & Practice
—>Take a break and go for a walk alone
—>Give a lab-class to the local community for practice and reflection

In the time leading towards the retreat participants are invited to make proposals, interact and associate according to their research questions.

The retreat is hosted by Kira Kirsch, Antoine Ragot, Filippo Serra and Diana Thielen, however we invite all participants to co-create and shape the content in the preparations as well as throughout.

There will be opportunities to share stages of our research with the local Berlin community in different formats.

We envision a good core group that can be there the whole time and some spots for those with more time constraints. We will have 15 spots available to stay onsite or close by throughout the retreat. We will have 10 spots available for commuters from Berlin.

We will be collectively cooking, cleaning, and running the space – a great opportunity to get to know one another.

10 day retreat with the use of all facilities: 200 euros
Food: 1 shared meal per day, 3-5 euros per meal, cooked by rotating teams among the participants
Housing: 20 euros per night/person onsite or in the immediate surrounding of Lake Studios

For now we ask you to SAVE THE DATE as we prepare the application form which will be available before Christmas. If you already have questions or just want to send us a message that you are exited and interested please do so at: