Mixed Movement Arts - axis syllabus meets sports practices

11-12 July 2020

Graz, Austria

Antoine Ragot




I offer a mix of different practices, coordinative processes and perspective on human movement that i pull out from a sports background (handball, judo, volleyball, soccer, tennis…), a passion for contact-improvisation and a vivid connection to the Axis Syllabus Research.

Participants are progressively introduced to a body of knowledge supporting their exploration and embodiment of functional movement patterns. We will implement a choreography based on the very skills we work on throughout the sessions.

There are objects to handle. like balls and ballons yes.
There are repetitions and slowing downs of movement patterns to foster movement integration.
There are frames dedicated to improvisation to develop adaptability and
fine adjustment.

This workshop aims to support the development of quotidian and athletic skills such as hand-eyes coordination, reaching, dynamic lifts (of human beings!), level or sphere changes, leg support and swing, jumping and landing, throwing and catching accuracy…
It is sometimes fast and dynamic, challenging participants in a playful and focused format.