Lingering in movement - @ Ponderosa-Movement and Discovery

3-7 September 2018

Stolzenhagen, Germany

Diana Thielen​

The approach of this five-day-long workshop is the exploration and contextualisation of the body’s multidimensional existence. Examining principles of biomechanics can help us to understand the body in different movement situations and, if necessary, to adapt our training methods to it. The question of a supporting alignment in contemporary dance, contact improvisation, improvisation and partnering will accompany us in all sessions. What’s the idea behind a “proper alignment”? For what is it needed and how does the concept of alignment supports and/or hinders each individual movement expressions? Let’s roll, crawl, run and jump-preparing the body for more diverse and sweeping choreographies.

A Body-Mind CenteringⓇ workshop ‘Contents and Containers’ with Ayelet Yekutiel will be offered during the same week. Info:

Combine the two workshops:
We recommend taking both the Body-Mind Centring® and Axis-Syllabus workshops as their contents intentionally and deeply complement each other. The workshops are planned in a comfortable time table for participation in both, with enough resting and digesting time in between. We might suggest some combined activities throughout the week. We – Ayelet and Diana – plan to take part in most of the sessions of each other in order to resonate, complement and adjust our propositions.
The two workshops together are available at a special discounted rate! more about the combination: