Interplay - Exploring Contact Improvisation using tools and principles from Body-Mind-Centering® & Axis Syllabus

12-14 October 2018

Karlsruhe, Germany

Ayelet Yekutiel

Organs, in their diverse tissues, characteristics, stories and functions, manifest the complex, collaborative dance that continuously brings us to life. Our senses allow us to perceive information unfolding from our external and internal environments. With sensed awareness, observation, interpretation, and choice, we engage in an ever-evolving relational dance of becoming.

In this workshop we will play with the abundant resources of qualities, rhythms, and live images emanating from the body. Explore the relationship between our senses and organs, and observe how tensegral-biodynamic interactions appear and change while sharing our weight and dance with a partner. Through improvisation, somatization, vocalisation, embodied anatomy and  physiology, hands-on and contact we will tune into the depth of exchange between environmental influence and creative expression.

Fr  12.Okt 16.30 bis 18.30,
Sa  13. Okt  14.30 bis 17.00,
So 14. Okt 14.30 bis 17.00

Where? Dojo, Gewerbehof, Steinstr. 23, Karlsruhe

Registration and Contact:

Fee: 140€, early bird (registration until 15.Sep) 120€