Infology Rhizome - Intensive workshop of the Axis Syllabus

From the 26th to the 30th of March, Hybrid StudioS, 111 Rue de l'Intendant, Brussels

The study and implementation of information, in particular communication/transmission skills or modalities.

The AS is a rhizomatic, information ecology. Like any other ecological system, the AS has a relational character which is at once cohesive, yet individuated into nodes and tangents. Infology Rhizome is an organic study framework for investigating theory and practice.

The 5 days  workshop will offer / will be set up thusly:

  • Morning Training :  2 hours every morning to explore différent  physical applications of the AS archive.

  • Open Lab :  3 hours every afternoon.

We will investigate and work with theoretical and physical inputs, discuss and brainstorm using creative communication tools, i.e. practice different ways of talking about / listening to and looking at the moving body.

The wks is open for everyone who is intrigued by the exchange of information about the moving body through shared-process creativity.