Axis Syllabus Intensive - Adaptation inquiry

15-16 December 2018

Turin, Italy

Francesca Pedulla

Adaptation inquiry

“... but, the exterior of a living thing, what else is it but the eternal manifestation of the interior? The exterior, or vehicle, is so finely tuned to the internal construct in all its variety and delicate complexity, that it is itself destined to become internalized, because the two qualities of internal and external are in a direct and permanent rapport, whether in a state of repose or virtuosic movement...” J.W. Goethe


Trough the lens of the Axis Syllabus we will observe and play with the refinement and intelligence of our body while is moving and interacting with the circumstances in and around us.

Here some questions at stake: 

How can I differentiate the perception of the multiple actions - reactions within my structure while I am moving?  Can I sense their timing?

How do I define the boundaries between what it is me and what is not?

How can I use and specify the role of my structures to absorb impact, push, pull, getting closer, getting far?

During the seminar we will use some of the tools offered by the Axis Syllabus such as joint parameters, spinal mechanics, safety protocols for shock absorption and propulsion and we will analyze how to turn gravitational forces to our favor.

Working with both theoretical and practical stimuli, we will find time to discuss the process, do and observe individual and group improvisations, and of course we will dance together!