Groove tools - "feeling the groove" in our own body

15-17 June 2018

Bruxelles, Belgium

Sara Parisi​

Groove - “... and is often used to describe is the aspect of certain music that makes one want to move, dance, or ‘groove'."
- from SINUSOIDS: Theory and Technological Applications Prem K.Kythe

Exploring the relations between rhythmical elements and the intervals in between, how could we let the body play and arrange itself in dialogue with music ?
We will look at how kinetic energy migrates through the body, finding coordinations between the timing of different masses in relation to different musical layers, giving harmony to chaotic resonances.
We will enter a dimension where dance and rhythm play to provoke, to escape and to recover, where undulation, opposition and fall bring the body into a deep dialogue with the feeling suggested by the music.
The Axis Syllabus information archive will facilitate a deep reading of the movement provide bio-mechanical references for adapting stylistic choices to individual possibilities. This research investigates our interaction with gravity, with rhythm, with others, and with the meaning of "feeling the groove" in our own body.

Sara Parisi Dancer, performer, pedagogue and choreographer, is currently involved in artistic and cultural international projects in Europe, Benin, and Bahia (Brazil). Parisi graduated in Motor and Sport Science in Genova, Italy and continues to expand her biomechanical movement analysis skills
through the Axis Syllabus system.
Her artistic path began to take shape in 2003, through study and collaboration with the Italian artist Francesca Pedullà, and evolved to date in various pedagogic and artistic projects in Benin and Europe. Having trained at Traditional Arts Academy “IAT GONG” (Ge,Italy), she constantly deepens her personal research on the interrelations between "tradition - code - contemporary" in performative arts languages.
With a comprehensive integration of Axis Syllabus tools, she teaches dance inspired by the reach of Hip Hop culture and art languages, West African dances and social tradition, in particular from Benin, and some popular dances from Brazil. ( )

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