From one step to the next - Zooming in on specific aspects of walking

4-4 November 2018

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ayelet Yekutiel

Walking is a daily movement where the full body and most of its joints are involved. In these two workshops we will play with some of the phenomenons and questions arising as we dance our way from one step to the next. Interacting with the earth with sophisticated adaptations, rhythms and articulations.

You can expect movement explorations, improvisation, short movement sequences/motifs that offer a structured context for experimenting with the topics and communal studying and sharing.

Workshop 1 (4.11.2018):
In the first workshop we will look at the intricate structures of the foot. We will explore the movement dynamics and mechanisms they propose through an embodied enquiry and dialogue. 

Workshop 2 (25.11.2018):
We will explore the tensegral dynamics inherent to the spine in walking and locomotion. Following the development of movement possibilities throughout our evolution, we will pay attention to the interplay of the diverse motion centers located along the spine.