FRACTAL MANIFESTO - introduction to The Axis Syllabus

13-15 April 2018

Faro, Portugal

Frey Faust

Frey Faust is a 56 year old veteran of the New York contemporary dance scene, with a strong European renommée and intercontinental touring circuit. His focus for the last twenty years has shifted to the educational value of applied science in the arts, with an emphasis on anatomy and physics, including aspects of sociology and cognitive science. He consolidated the interdisciplinary movement analysis and reference system called The Axis Syllabus (AS) in the late 1990's.

FRACTAL MANIFESTO an introduction to The Axis Syllabus
Harmonizing the body’s given material attributes with intention is understood as somatological alignment. Somatological alignment implies respect for the inherent design of the body in the practice of postural “Neutrality”. Practically speaking, postural neutrality is evident in the disciplined habit of joint contiguity or articular congruity while moving or when still. In this workshop, we will look intently at the body’s reoccurring
fractal paradigms, and consider how we enter into relationship with our body, with the environment, and with others as we dance.

ALMOST SOMA ARE WE - The body as living poetry
In this project, we will work with some of the tools used during the week long workshop as a means of communicating a deeply interior and relational experience of the body to the public.

"Axis" is a reference to vector coordinates that help in the calculation of inertial values and kinetic energy equations, and "Syllabus" means a list or lexicon, organizing these references and correlating them with documented practice. Having a non-specific cross-sector impact, The AS has met with an enthusiastic, international response from various
performance oriented artists, as well as a wide cross-section of the scientific community. Twenty years ago, prompted by a convincing popular interest in this work, Frey founded the AS International Research Network, which has since developed operational centers in seven countries and participants in development and study numbering in the thousands.

The ASIRN was founded in 2004 in Brussels, Belgium and currently has
centers in Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Austria, Canada, The USA,
Brazil and Africa. Membership in the ASIRN is automatic with your subscription to the ASIRN forum:

The operating theories that comprise the AS protocols are a common resource
and reference, and are also subjected to review, discussion, alteration, actualization or deletion. Members participate in this discussion to the degree in which they feel implicated. Members can contribute to and take advantage of the AS fund of empirical, clinical and practical knowledge for their own work.

The activity of the ASIRN is three-fold:
one) to read and test the results of pertinent findings from bio-mechanical research
two) to discuss and consolidate a wide range of teaching tactics
three) to integrate the information found in both areas of research into the practice of teaching, living and making art.

Friday 18h30-20h30
Saturday 9h30-12h30, 14h30-17h30
Sunday 9h30-12h30

Saturday 18h-19h 
Sunday 14h00 - 16h00
Presentation 16h30