Dialogue with Earth - Walking and expanding

2-3 December 2017

Genova, Italy

Francesca Pedulla


Dialogue with the Earth - Walking and Expanding

with Francesca Pedullà

Walking is a practice common to all human beings and cultures.

Walking is the willingness to fall, instantly recovering, and being ready to fall again.

We walk every day. We walk with different rhythms; different objectives; through different states of mind. This fundamental gesture, that has so profoundly shaped our species, allows us a trans-disciplinary access portal to the moving human body, to its cellular memory, it's individual and collective identity.

During the workshop we will use the anatomical and bio-mechanical tools that the Axis Syllabus offers to analyze the body's subtle, structural relationships.

We will also explore and discuss the cultural/historical realms that are bound up in the practice of walking. Through the mechanics of walking, we will discover how to find the principles of all movement. Starting from a walk, we will move into a dance that can expand these principles in time and space.


Saturday 14 – 16 / 16.30 -18.30

Sunday 11-13 / 14 – 16

Where: Salita Inferiore S. Gerolamo 8 - Genova

Info&Registration: associazionecqb@gmail.com