Dancing Together - body mapping - movement training - dance practice

15-19 July 2019

Vienna, Austria

Kira Kirsch



This training is a daily group practice. It celebrates the opportunity and necessity of dancers coming together daily to practice, learn and grow together. It further emphasizes detailed research of the body in motion and proposes motion techniques that refine and consolidate a practical understanding of living anatomy, bio-tensegral-dynamics and chronological body architecture to prepare for sustainable, contextual and creative response-abilities. Movement principles and concepts are made palpable through images, video, models, hands-on, partnering, improvisation and looped movement patterns that lead into more complex phrases always moving through space. The method of looping allows to tune into micro movements at any moment expanding the perceptual field. Practices aim to address the intersection of the somatic, the dancing, the thinking and the performing bodymind. It is my objective to prepare participants with useful techniques and tools they can sense, inhabit and autonomously apply during the day and artistic research as well as enjoy the time dancing together