self-seeding movement education – axis syllabus

There is nothing more life-affirming than witnessing a seed sprouting in the garden that you didn’t plant. An old gardener friend once told me, “Life wants to live, ” and I believe that cultivating self-seeding in the garden is one of the best practices in trusting Nature’s ability to self-organize and thrive.” (Diana Sette – Permaculturist/Activist)*

With the Axis Syllabus I aim to create a learning environment where your body can do exactly that: self-organize and thrive. Movement material, sensations, coordination and perspectives of anatomy and bio-mechanics are planted into your perceptions to explore and dance with. These concepts ideally self-seed into resilient and adapted movement fitting your body and environments as well as open new curiosities for autonomous study and practice.

Foto: (c) Anna Maynard