CONVERSATIONS WITH EARTH - walking dancing earthing

23 July-27 April 2018

Vienna, Austria

Kira Kirsch

Through walking, in short, landscapes are woven into life, and lives are woven into the landscape,in a process that is continuous and never-ending -Tilley, 1994

Every day we shift our weight from one foot to the other several thousand of times. Walking is one of the most elementary and most repeated coordinations, revealing almost all locomotive principles of complex human movement. In this workshop, we examine and re-discover walking as a multi-faceted daily practice and re-sensitize the feet as organs of touch and feelers into our environment. We practice using our feet to (re)connect with the ground, the earth. Walking from the physiological perspective provides a kind of "posturing" , a dynamic awareness for posture, anatomical alignments and habits. Through floor work and sensory experiments we will prepare for walking. In various walking and running motives as well as longer sequences we will – at times analytically, sometimes meditatively and other times exuberantly bring walking into dancing and dancing back into walking.

The analysis of walking is a fundamental concept of the Axis Syllabus Research. Participants are invited to get inspired by the art, analysis, history and potential alchemy of walking. We will be theoretical, draw and read, walk of course, might walk into other spaces and dance.