Break & Practice - Axis Syllabus meets Breakdance

16-17 June 2018

Freiburg, Germany

Lisbeth Bitto

Break & Practise 

Axis Syllabus meets Breakdance

In this workshop we will listen and dance to funky music and have a look at the vocabulary and conventions of Breakdance and Urbandance culture. Contrary to the general perception that you can only "break" if you have a lot of muscle power, coordination is more important. In this workshop, I will offer tips and methods that could allow you to acquire the skill to do demanding, highly dynamic moves, characteristic to Breakdance. 
Using ideas of the Axis Syllabus to analyse and understand how inertial and gravitational forces act on our body, we will use guided improvisation, somatic exercises and repetitive movement patterns to raise proprioceptive awareness, and take breaks for personal exploration and practise.
Moreover we will bounce, jump, shake and develop a movement vocabulary, in which we play with tension, dynamics and speed and can thereby research the (biomechanical) limits of our body.
This workshop is open to all level!  

Workshop info:
16. & 17.June 2018 from 10:00-18:00

at: Bewegung-Art Raum, Ferdinand-Weiss Strasse 6A

price: 115€ Early Bird until May, than 135€

more info and registration: