AS Intensive - AS Intensive plus Creative Lab

3-6 January 2019

Saint-Petersbourg, Russia

Francesca Pedulla

Session 1 .  Ancient Kinetic Wisdom

In all ancient traditions, dance and music are vested with important spiritual and social roles, and are considered fundamental to the expression and guiding of both collectiveand individual dynamics. My research, which stems from a profound passion for West Africa's art and culture, focuses on the characteristic intimacy between polyrhythm and the dancing body and their powerful potential for the re-elaboration of the human being's relationship to its environment. The support of the Axis Syllabus and detailed application of bio mechanics has helped me to perceive and decode the intrinsic wisdom of this antique, yet timeless practice

During the work, we will discover the universal bio-mechanic and rhythmic principles on which  some traditional motifs are built. Understanding these principles, we can expand our skills and move towards creative personal re-elaboration.

Session 2. The Lab : Impalpable Knowledge 

Through experience and dedication, movers accumulate knowledge, knowledge which is difficult to express, touch or categorize. They are also exposed to seemingly palpable knowledge from the study of the sciences that investigate the human body; various anatomies, physics, biomechanics, anthropology and the healing arts, among others. Although they might appear incompatible, these two kinds of knowledge have an obvious and profound influence on each other. How can the palpable relate to the impalpable? Rather than dogmatic and normative, could the study of anatomies become a basis for intuition, for inventive inquiry and creative research? I would like to think of an anatomical study where the body is both subject and object of the inquiry; an access gate to an archive of ancient and new memories that are written into the body's process of inventing itself. I imagine, that movement reveals the body in it's intrinsic poetry, while it is solving the friction at the interface of the past and future, what I think of as the present. During the Lab while offering theoretical and practical input, I would like to create a space for searching, gathering and sharing experiences, moving together...