Ancient Kinetic Wisdom - Clues from the analysis of beninese traditional dances

5-6 October 2019

Berlin, Germany

Francesca Pedulla


In all ancient traditions, dance and music are vested with important spiritual and social roles, and are considered fundamental to the expression and guiding of both collective and individual dynamics. Our research focuses on the characteristic intimacy between polyrhythm and the dancing body in Benin’s culture, and their powerful potential for the re-elaboration of the human being's relationship to its environment.

The support of the Axis Syllabus and detailed application of biomechanics will help us to perceive and decode the intrinsic wisdom of this antique, yet timeless practice.

During the work, we will discover the universal bio-mechanic and the subtle rhythmic principles on which some traditional motifs are built. Understanding these principles, we can expand our skills and move towards creative personal re-elaboration.

Our objective is to stimulate the sensitivity to the relationship of the complex and dynamic architectures of our bodies with rhythm, with others, with the environment.


Dance-artist Francesca Pedullà and musician Eric Acakpo work together since more than 10 years, teaching, creating contexts for cultural and artistic exchange and performing in Benin and abroad. They founded the Beninese Cultural Association Sonagnon in 2006 with the aim to protect and share the richness of Beninese culture and provide an exchange platform for artists from all over the world. From 2008 to 2012 they co-directed the international project Dialogues Inévitables realized in collaboration with various cultural association and with the support of several international institutions. Since 2012 they co-direct TRACES, an annual professional educational platform for dance and choreographic practice based in Cotonou and Ouidah with the collaboration of the Axis Syllabus International Research Network.