The Spinal Engine

Serge Gracovetsky


Extract of the interview:

"I was very young when I entered this field (I was appointed Professor at Concordia University in Montréal in 1970), with a certain independence of mind, and I started by studying everything that my predecessors had done. It took me 3 years to review thousands of publications on the subject, which I refined to 600 or 700 papers that I considered to be important. There were papers all over my office: on the floor, in cabinets. I was therefore faced with strong and often divergent opinions voiced by honest people and I asked myself how I could incorporate all of these diverging views into an all- encompassing theory, a sort of unifying theory, as is often the case in physics. Then, one day in January 1983, I suddenly had a vision : I saw the spine walking, a sort of slow-motion film. I then had to formulate this vision into a theory which was mathematically sound and publish it, which I did for the first time in 1985."

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