Ligaments: A source of musculoskeletal disorders

Moshe Solomonow


by Moshe Solomonow, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D., M.D. (hon) a,b,


The mechanical and neurological properties of ligaments are reviewed and updated with recent development from the perspective which evaluates their role as a source of neuromusculoskeletal disorders resulting from exposure to sports and occupational activities. Creep, tension-relaxation, hysteresis, sensitivity to strain rate and strain/load frequency were shown to result not only in mechanical functional degradation but also in the development of sensory-motor disorders with short- and long-term implication on function and disability. The recently exposed relationships between collagen fibers, applied mechanical stimuli, tissue micro-damage, acute and chronic inflammation and neuromuscular disorders are delineated with special reference to sports and occupational stressors such as load duration, rest duration, work/rest ratio, number of repetitions of activity and velocity of movement.

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