Articulations for the Articulate Artist

Sarah Day


written by Sarah Day

articulate- 1. endowed with the power of speech

articulation- 1. to pronounce distinctly and carefully; to enunciate

2. the coherent expression of thoughts, ideas, or feelings

3. the connection of different parts by joints; to be jointed or segmented

Any artist, in any discipline, is at an expressive advantage the more they understand their medium. The art form of dance may best be defined by the expressive faculties of the dancer, taking into account not only technical prowess but also emotive eloquence as evoked by the body in a series of physical choices. As dancers, it is to our greatest benefit in training to temper our creativity with applied anatomical knowledge in order to attain the most effectual and malleable state of our body instrument. By this, in turn, we may best serve the impulses of our poetic desires.

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