About Sam

Sam Stone is a dance performance artists, teacher, community organizer and creator in the Bay Area. She has studied a range of focuses in the dance field, coming away with a technical modern dance training from the University of Michigan, then rebelling and obscuring that training with healthy doses of release technique, improvisation, physics and anatomy research with the Axis Syllabus community, and a many wanders through travel and nature. Sam has presented work in theaters in and outside of the US, but prefers enchanting the homes and found spaces that she passes with art and design. Sam is responsible for directing and conceiving six full length evening productions, dozens of shorter pieces, and more than 50 children’s dance work

She is also a creator of music, clothing, found object formations and discretely performs in plays. Ms. Sam teaches creative dance to children with the San Francisco Arts Education Project, while Sam teaches adult and professional dancers as a certified Axis Syllabus teacher. As a dance advocate, Sam participates in the collective vîv, who offers space (“Free Up the Space”), class (“Peer Practices”) and opportunities to underserved local choreographers, disrupting the status quo of what it means to be a dancer in the US and challenging certain static tendencies of the scene. As a performer, Sam has worked with Kathleen Hermesdorf, Bianca Cabrera, Rosemary Hannon, Ashley Trottier, Aura Fischbeck and Leyya Tawil. Sam loves to dance in the studio, on the stage, in the club, and in her kitchen…. She values the expression, freedom and play that dance offers and always pushes for arts awareness and opportunity for all.