Galiya Tzur

About Galiya

Galiya Tzur (IL) is a dance and stage artist, an Axis Syllabus certified Teacher and a student of biomechanics and exercise physiology.
She is member of the actors ensemble at the Nalaga’at Theater - a theater that integrates blind, deaf and deaf-blind actors in its plays as an aim to do so in society, promote their needs and aspirations by providing them an artistic and social experience as a regular paid job.

Galiya is also studying towards her Masters degree in Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology at the Wingate institute.
She is a graduate of the dance department at the ׳Jerusalem academy of music and Dance׳ from which she received her Bachelor and a teaching diploma.

In past years, Galiyan performed with her own work and with dance and theatre compositions by choreographers such as Yossi Berg and Oded Graff, Emanuella Amichai ,Ofer Amram and Urban Dance Company, to name a few.

In Israel, where she have recently moved to, Galiya offers regular Axis Syllabus & Dance classes, workshops and artistic consulting.